Personal Trainers & Group Instructors


Antoinette Wood

Fitness Director

Antoinette has over 32 years’ programing experience in the fitness industry. She has a BA in Education from Stockton University and her fitness certifications are from: Les Mills Body Pump, Spinning, TRX, Bender Ball, Pilates, Step Aerobics, Resist-A-Ball, Tabata and PUMPIN’ Iron.

Antoinette’s role at the JCC affords her the opportunity to meet with a wide array of members who are at different levels of fitness.  When Antoinette is asked, “Why JCC group exercise?” her response is:  “The answer is simple.  We have put together an amazing team of group exercise instructors and personal trainers who provide a wide array of workouts that will help you reach your fitness goals.”

The Katz JCC Fitness Facility offers over 85 group fitness classes per week and experienced personal trainers.

Sean Atkinson

Personal Trainer

Sean has no off-button. He tirelessly works to improve himself and his craft. If asked, he will say fitness has saved his life. Sean discovered his passion for fitness through athletics starting at a young age. He has played basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball. But he had the most success in high school wrestling and combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu. He still fights in semi-pro MMA bouts and strives to reach the next level. Pursuing new levels of competition has fueled ever increasing fitness goals and knowledge for Sean. Shortly thereafter, he decided to combine his love for helping others with his love for fitness. As an athlete, Sean has dealt with a multitude of nagging injuries and is fascinated by the recovery piece of fitness, which he has studied in depth out of necessity. With a complementary approach to strength training and cardio-vascular conditioning, he emphasizes functional strength and endurance and tailors it to the specific goals of his

clients. Recently, Sean has enrolled in a NASM certification and has been certified for Personal Training under AAAI-ISM. He has channeled his competitive attitude, fitness knowledge, compassion, and intrapersonal skills into an ever-expanding practice of physical and personal wellness. There are several more areas of anatomical study Sean wishes to learn.

Lawrence CrespoPeggy Jewitt

Personal Trainer

Peggy brings more than 10 years experience as a personal trainer and is certifications in indoor cycling and senior adult fitness to her position at the JCC.  An avid runner, Peggy has competed across the country in 36 marathons and over 100 half marathons. She proudly and consistently finishes in the top five of her age group.  In additio

n to her work at the JCC, Peggy serves as a certified track official for local high schools.

Peggy resides in Margate where she has happily raised her three children.

Greg TroastGreg Troast

Personal Trainer

Greg Troast has been a personal trainer with the JCC since 2006. He previously worked as a law enforcement officer for the Atlantic City Police Department. In 1992 he obtained certifications with the State of New Jersey as a Fitness and Aerobics Instructor and Trainer at the Cooper Institute of Aerobics. Greg spent 10 years as a Fitness Trainer for the Atlantic County Police Academy. He also served as a Titleist Performance Instructor in Golf Movement in 2012. He currently lives in Northfield with his wife and son.

Aline Catorc

Personal Trainer & Group Instructor

Born in North Africa and raised in Paris, France, Aline Catorc has been a fitness professional with the Jewish Community Center for 19 years. Aline began her fitness journey studying the Brazilian martial art Capoeira. She continued on to study ballet for 16 years and built an extensive background in different styles of dance including belly dancing and Zumba. Aline’s training focuses primarily on engaging, lengthening, strengthening and toning the entire body. Aline believes that fitness is not only a practice, but a way of being, and she works to teach that mindset to clients.

Aline has personal training certifications in Gravity and Pilates Reformer, US Water Fitness, indoor biking, Zumba, AAAI-ISMA Personal Fitness Trainer, and Group Exercise Instructor.


Debbie Weiner

Group Instructor

Debbie is a certified cycling and Pilates instructor by AAAI-ISMA. Debbie has been with the JCC for over 15 years. Her energy is constant and unmatched. Debbie has been an avid and competitive runner for 30 years and has competed in many races and marathons. Debbie enjoys all forms of exercise and especially loves and participates in many classes at the JCC.

Debbie resides in Margate with her husband Ron and two children, Brandon and Ashley.

Shari Frolove

Group Instructor

Shari Frolove grew up in Richboro, PA. She has spent her educational and professional life in the passionate pursuit of bettering the lives of children. For 20 years she has worked toward this mission as a teacher and certified school counselor. Her spinning certification enabled her to combine her love for fitness, her passion for teaching, and her strong desire to make a difference in people’s overall well-being. She began teaching spinning and core classes, youth boot camp and interval based Bosu classes at The Newtown Athletic Club in Bucks County, PA.

Shari’s enthusiasm for new adventures and personal growth has provided her with invaluable life experiences through her work with girl empowerment organizations in Los Angeles, CA and Bucks County, PA. Now that Shari has moved back to the area, it is especially meaningful to her to be a part of the JCC community where she thrives on building connections and inspiring members to tap into their limitless potential.


Lisa Cundiff

Group Instructor

Lisa is an aqua fitness instructor with the JCC. She began her fitness career over 30-years ago. Lisa is nationally certified in fitness and massage by the NCBTMB and holds AAAI-ISMA and AFFA certifications in aqua fitness, group exercise and personal training. She is also certified by the National Arthritis Foundation in water and land exercises and licensed by the NJ State Nursing board. Lisa feels that the JCC is about great people, having fun and enjoying life. Lisa considers herself very lucky to work with such a wonderful group of people. Lisa is an identical twin. She lives in Margate with her family.


Lisa Gottlieb

Group Instructor

Lisa Gottlieb is a NJ State certified Medical Technician who has been in the fitness industry for 30 years. She has an extensive choreography and dance background.

As a certified personal trainer, aerobics instructor, step instructor, and owner of her own weight loss company, Lisa has enjoyed helping people be at their best for most of her life. She brings her love and knowledge of dance to her calorie burning, safe and fun Zumba classes and body sculpting cardio classes.


Mary Ann Mazur

Group Instructor

Mary Ann fell in love with aerobics eighteen years ago. She is certified in AAAI/SMA. Mary Ann has been a group exercise instructor for the JCC for sixteen years. She currently teaches five senior classes and one total body workout class each week. She considers the JCC as her home and her students her extended family. “Everyone at Katz JCC is so caring and kind, how could I not love my job.” Mary Ann has six children and eighteen grandchildren. She is approaching her 57th anniversary with her high-school sweetheart and best friend Donald Mazur.

Steve Bouchard

Group Instructor

Steve Bouchard has been with the JCC for one year teaching bike classes. He has been taking indoor bike classes for ten years and has been teaching for seven. He holds certifications in Indoor Cycling from MadDog Fitness, Saris Power Fitness and the International Indoor Cycling Association.

Steve has been a local high school science teacher for the past 32 years and when he is not in the gym trying to fight getting old, he enjoys outdoor biking, skiing, reading great books and the beach. He is married and has two grown daughters. He lives for finding that right piece of music that will inspire members “to give that little bit more on the bike.”

Ann Erik

Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, & Reformer Pilates 

Ann got started in the fitness industry in the early 2000’s. She is ACE certified personal trainer and holds several group fitness certifications including Spinning, Les Mills Body Pump and Body Attack, Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformers, Barre Above with Pilates Focus, and UrbanKick. She believes variety is the key to constant change. Understanding that no other person is the same, she focuses on making workouts challenging yet fun for people from all ages and fitness levels. Although fitness is her passion, her heart belongs to her two children, Jasmine and Matthew.

Veronica Valencia

Group Instructor

Veronica is a former classically-trained ballet dancer with over 25 years of experience teaching group fitness classes. She received a college dance scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in dance. She also has a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology. Veronica has ACE, AAFA, and AAAI-ISMA certifications; and teaches Zumba, Hip Hop, Pilates, Step, Kickboxing, CardioSculpt, Pilates, Barre, & HIIT water aerobics. Veronica is thrilled to be a part of the amazing group of fitness professionals at the JCC!

Sara Carleo

Group Instructor & Reformer Pilates

Sara is passionate about fitness and nutrition. She loves teaching Barre, Pilates, Pilates Reformer, and her newest addition, Stretch and Flex.

Sara has been teaching and instructing for over seven years and is still continuing her education in fitness.

Sara spent her youth in Margate and at the JCC, where she feels right at home. She loves her job and looks forward to all the amazing things the JCC has to offer.

Donna Innis

Personal Trainer

Donna has been working in the health and fitness industry professionally since 1987. She managed three Atlantic City Hotel/Casino health spas for seventeen years. Donna possesses a vast depth of knowledge and experience in working with special populations. She holds certifications in personal training (on land and in the water). She is a Nationally certified Master water fitness instructor and coordinator of water fitness programs. Donna can certify aquatic instructors through the USWFA. She is certified to create customized corporate programs. She holds certifications in aerobics, weightlifting, cycling, yoga, meditation, pilates mat work and reformer, CPO, CPR, First Aid, and massage therapy. She is also our very own in house massage therapist! In addition, she is certified through AAFA, AAAI, and IDEA. Donna also holds an Associate’s degree in Applied Science and BS Degree in Exercise Physiology. She has performed professionally as a vocalist, dancer, musician, and dance and fitness choreographer. She has on camera commercial training and has created and produced her own fitness aerobics videos. When meeting Donna you immediately realize she has a sincere passion for the fitness field and displays a genuine concern for the overall health and wellbeing of her clients. Most of all, she has a great sense of humor, enthusiastic personality, and energetic spirit which she uses to inspire others!