Personal Training

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Training that FITS you!

Personal training is a customized exercise program designed to meet your individual fitness goals and fitness level. Your personal training program is created by Katz JCC fitness professionals to help you achieve a number of health and fitness objectives including attaining a healthy weight, improving endurance and posture, reducing stress, improving balance and stability, strengthening the heart, and lowering blood pressure.

How Do I Get Started?
Your first step is to choose from among the JCC’s staff of personal trainers. Our personal trainers are certified fitness professionals possessing the knowledge, skills, and abilities for safe and effective exercise and fitness program design, instruction, and assistance.

Once you have selected a personal trainer or trainers, he or she will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current physical condition starting with an interview to determine your personal goals, wellness profile, and lifestyle profile. Next, your trainer will design a program to meet your specific goals and will closely monitor your progress through scheduled training sessions.

Personal training is available for JCC members and guests. Single sessions, multi-session, and monthly packages are available.

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