Swim Lessons

Katz JCC Year-Round

Swim Academy

The Katz JCC Swim Academy offers one of the highest levels of swim instruction in Atlantic County. All instructors are certified lifeguards with CPR/AED and First Aid training.

Swimmers are able to develop their strokes and master the fundamentals with both small group and private lesson options.

Price Per Package

Katz JCC Member: 30 Minute Sessions

8 Sessions – $192.00

16 Sessions – $368.00

24 Sessions – $528.00

Katz JCC Guest: 30 Minute Sessions

8 Sessions – $240.00

16 Sessions – $464.00

24 Sessions – $672.00

New to Swim Lessons or Unsure of Your Child’s Level?

To make swim level selection as easy as possible, please refer to the Swim Lesson Selector to choose your swimmers level according to their age and ability level.


Swim Levels


Parent & Child Class

This class is more parent-based. Parents learn the basics of water safety and proper holding techniques to adjust their swimmer to the pool environment. Infants learn and develop swimming skills such as blowing bubbles, kicking, and floating and water submersion.

Parent & Child Class

This class is more instructor-based. Parents join their swimmer and transition their swimmer to the instructor. Infants continue to work on their skills with an instructor in the pool.

Beginner swim lesson geared toward toddlers gaining comfort in the water.

  • Know pool rules
  • Letting go of swimming platform*
  • Head submersion*
  • Blow bubbles*
  • Back float*
  • 5-10 freestyle arms*
  • Introduce water treading*
  • Sit dive*
  • Introduce Streamline

*Assisted or Unassisted

Beginner swim lesson geared toward preschool swimmers who are looking to gain more comfort in the water by themselves without an instructor. They learn the basics of floating, treading water, front to back rollovers and other beginner swimming skills.

  • Know pool rules
  • Letting go of swimming platform
  • Head submersion
  • 1-2-3 roll – freestyle 10 meters*
  • Front to back rollover
  • Back float for 10 seconds*
  • Jump in deep water*
  • Sit or kneel dive*
  • Introduce water treading unassisted

*Assisted or Unassisted

This class is for swimmers to learn independent swimming after they have mastered the technique of floating and students start to build endurance by treading water, front to back and back to front rollovers, breathing techniques, jumping in water unassisted, as well as diving.

  • Head submersion
  • Tread water for 20 seconds
  • Streamline kick on front
  • Kick on side 10 meters
  • 15 yards of freestyle
  • Kick on back
  • Introduce Backstroke*
  • Jump in deep water from diving board or blocks
  • Kneeling or standing dive*

*Assisted or Unassisted

This class is for swimmers who have obtained their comfort in the pool. Swimmers will learn and practice swimming one length of the pool unassisted, treading water, and diving to the bottom of the pool. The breaststroke is introduced.

  • Streamline kick on front 10 meters
  • Swim freestyle 25 meters
  • Kick on back
  • Backstroke 15 meters
  • Jump/dive off block and swim to ladder
  • Tread water for 45 seconds
  • Sitting/keeling or standing dive*
  • Introduce diving from blocks with assistance
  • Introduce Breaststroke

*Assisted or Unassisted

This group can successfully swim a length of the pool in three different strokes and learn one more stroke, the Butterfly. Tiger Sharks become comfortable picking up objects off of the bottom of the pool and learn techniques to make them faster in the water.

  • Tread water 60 seconds
  • Freestyle 50 meters
  • Backstroke 25 meters
  • Breaststroke 25 meters
  • Introduce Butterfly – 10 meters
  • Pick up toy from the bottom of the pool
  • Dive from block without assistance
  • Introduce flip turns

This class teaches racing fundamentals to swimmers – focusing on refining all strokes and introduces USA swimming rules. Instructors work with children on technique, strength and endurance.

  • Tread water 2 minutes
  • Freestyle 100 meters
  • Backstroke 50 meters
  • Breaststroke 50 meters
  • Butterfly 25 meters
  • Correct racing start off block
  • Flip turns and open turns
  • Proper technique in all facets of swimming (starts, turns, finishes)

Lesson Guidelines & Information

What to Bring:

Bathing Suit, Towel, Flip Flops and Googles

Goggles are optional, but encouraged for those that are swimming under water or practicing putting their face in. If your child is not potty-trained, they require to wear a swim diaper in the pool. It is suggested that they wear a regular diaper underneath until they enter the pool to prevent leaking prior to the start of their lesson. 

When You Arrive:
All members are asked to use their swipe card to access the fitness and aquatics center. If you are not a member, you will be asked to sign in at the Welcome Center before coming to the pool area. Your instructor will greet you at the start of your lesson. Please do not enter the pool until the instructor is ready. We encourage parents to stay in the pool area during lessons, although this is not required. 

Wearing of Facemasks:
Swimmers are not to wear a mask during their lesson. Instructors will wear clear face shields while in the pool. 

Locker Rooms:
Locker rooms are open for showering and changing. Children that need help with changing are asked to use the Men’s and Women’s Family Locker Rooms located in the pool hallway.