STEAM Program

Unleash the Explorer Within!

Embark on an Adventure into the World of STEAM Activities!

Each week, participants will delve into the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, fostering creativity and critical thinking skills.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the universe and unleash your creativity!

Weekly Project List:

πŸŒ• Week 1: Creating a Moon Crater Dive into astronomy as we simulate the lunar surface and craft your very own moon crater. Unearth the secrets of our celestial neighbor in this stellar project!

πŸͺ‚ Week 2: Parachutes Engineer and test your own parachute! Learn the science behind aerodynamics and apply your knowledge to create a parachute that defies gravity. Will your design soar to new heights?

🎨 Week 3: NASA Space Art Unleash your inner artist as we explore the cosmos through the eyes of NASA. Express your creativity by crafting space-themed artworks inspired by real cosmic wonders.

🌠 Week 4: Comet on a Stick Get ready for a dazzling experience! Construct a comet on a stick and learn about the science behind these celestial phenomena. Watch as your creation lights up the room!

About the Instructor:

Michelle Stella, Photographer & STEM Director at PAL

  • BS in Environmental Science
  • Geographic Information Systems Certificate
  • NASA Endeavor STEM Certificate
  • NASA Solar System Ambassador
  • Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Educator Member
  • NJ Aviation Education Council Member
  • South Jersey STEM Innovation Partnership Member
  • Rover Observation And Discoveries in Space (ROADS) Mentor
  • PAL Calypso Research Team Mentor
  • Astronomy Program Mentor
  • 2024 NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program NITARP

Made possible by funds from the Atlantic County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs, a partner of the NJ Council on the Arts.