Live Long Live Strong

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Enrollment is Now Open! 

Spring Session begins April 19, 2022.

Sessions will take place at various times each week making it easy to join and participate in the program.

Members who join Live Long Live Strong are asked to attend two sessions per week for 10 – 12 consecutive weeks.

This program is FREE and open to Atlantic County residents who are age 60 and over.

While physical fitness is important to everyone, as you age, regular exercise becomes more important for your body and mind. The comprehensive wellness program funded by the Atlantic County Division of Intergenerational Services “Live Long Live Strong” offers residents of Atlantic County the opportunity to do just that. Throughout the program participants explore a variety of exercises and lectures that provide the building blocks for healthy living.

The four main building blocks of fitness include cardiovascular exercise, functional strength training, flexibility, and balance. Each works with the other to prevent loss of bone mass and improve endurance, independence and capability in daily activities.

In addition to weekly sessions, participants have access during the ten-week program to the fitness center at the Katz JCC in Margate, which offers over 85 weekly group fitness classes, access to the indoor pool and aquatic classes, and the opportunity to purchase personal training sessions.

Adult Program Enrollment Form


Participant Requirements

  • Must be age 60 and over
  • Resident of Atlantic County
  • Not employed by Atlantic County (County employees are not eligible)
    Commitment to getting fit and attend classes twice weekly for 12 weeks

What to Bring

  • Participant Enrollment Form
  • Clothing appropriate for fitness and running/walking shoes
  • Water bottle and small hand towel
  • Small notepad/paper and pen for notes


Ann Erik | Active Adult Program Coordinator

Milton & Betty Katz JCC
609.822.1167 Ext. 132


The Live Long – Live Strong program is partially funded under Title III of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended, through a grant by the Division of Intergenerational Services. Donations to the program are welcome, and will be used to enhance and expand existing services.