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MoveIt with Mary Ann Mazur

Get ready to MoveIT with Mary Ann Mazur!
Optional Equipment:
Light Weights 🏋️‍♂️, resistance bands, chair🪑 and water 💧

Hi-Intensity Sculpt with Lisa Gottlieb

You’re in your living room, so is Lisa. If she can get in a workout so can you. Put those yoga pants you are already in to work.

Barre with Karen Weiss

Barre for all fitness levels with Karen Weiss (use back of your chair or couch as we know not everyone has a barre handy).

Bootcamp/Core with Greg Troast

Greg gets your rear in gear in this live Bootcamp/Core Group Class.

Cardio Boxing with Jon Simon

You don’t have to put on your boxing gloves, but Jon doesn’t like excuses and it might earn your extra pushups. Choose from two of Jon’s Cardio Boxing class LIVE from Florida.

Kids’ Boxing with Jon Simon

Let Jon be your homeschool Gym Teacher. This class is designed for all levels and parents are encouraged to follow along too.

Pilates with Peggy Jewitt

Join Peggy Jewitt as she teaches a live feed PILATES class. Come ready to work. Kids invited to participate!! All fitness levels

Jon Simon Cardio Boxing

Jon is back with round two of Cardio Boxing. Get off that couch and get moving before Jon makes you do extra pushups.

Abs and Upper Body with Lisa Gottlieb

Lisa is glad to see all of her friends back for another class, this time for upper body and abs. You are going to need weights so find what works for you, hit play and get ready to sweat.

Kid’s Fitness with Jon Simon

School Gym Class is back in session. Jon Simon has another fun session to keep your kids moving.