The Tzofim Friendship Caravan – Israel Scout Show

Tzofim Israel Friendship Caravan

Friday, July 14

The Tzofim Friendship Caravan is a traveling group of Tzofim (Israeli Scouts) who crisscross America every summer, sharing their lives through song, dance and story as they bring their unique blend of entertainment to children and adults of all ages. Helping Americans connect with Israeli in this way is a 30-year tradition among the scouts.


The Friendship Caravan consists of a traveling group of ten Tzofim (Israel Scouts) who crisscross North America each summer as emissaries, sharing their lives in Israel through song, dance and story. Their show from Israel, “The Friendship Caravan,” is a mix of Israeli song, dance, stories and images designed to bring Israeli culture to American audiences. Helping Americans connect with Israel in this way is a thirty-year tradition among the Scouts. Performing in Hebrew, English, and Yiddish, these Tzofim Scouts perform in uniforms, Middle Eastern garb, festive blue-and-white outfits, and in attire characteristic of shtetl life. Their performance is full of great energy and will be sure to have families dancing in the aisles!