Hipstory Art Series

The Katz JCC in Margate will host an art exhibition from the Hipstory Art Series, a collection of thirty six unique images featuring historical leaders and icons by Israeli artist, Amit Shimoni beginning March 21. 

Ideated and conceived by Amit Shimoni in 2014, HIPSTORY revives and reinterprets icons of both past and present to be integrated into the conversations of today. Shimoni, whose medium spans across various aspects of visual communication, sees each member of the HIPSTORY society as a, “Visual Wikipedia page,” giving people of all ages the opportunity to relate to an iconic figure in a new way. HIPSTORY informs and educates viewers with a curated cast of mentors that shed light on why our world is the way it is. 

Shimoni’s work is known for the contemporary elements he chooses to incorporate, like a hairstyle, necklace, or tattoo that reference details from a given person’s life. Beyond the eye-catching nature of the work, the artist uses this modern motif as a way to both encourage curiosity as well as underscore the unexpected relatability of a particular member. 

“HIPSTORY gives people the chance to use historic icons as role models on a daily basis and integrate them into the framework of their lives in a meaningful way,” Shimoni explains. 

The casual depictions of leading figures are crafted to instill a sense of relevancy and suggest commonality with the viewer. Icons are studied and chosen for their significance in today’s cultural and political dialogue. Shimoni seeks to connect past with present, by making history’s greats influential again while highlighting the movers and shakers of today. 

“To transition from ‘famous person to friend’, visual insignia in the artwork highlight where an icon was from or reference personal details to reveal a more human and relatable persona,” Shimoni reveals.

While completing his degree in Visual Communications at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Shimoni began his journey towards what would soon become HIPSTORY. What began as a critical investigation on the values of a generation quickly shifted to the creation of an international language seeking to explore the individuals who continue to shape our reality. This endeavor brought forth a curated cast of mentors that shed light on why our world is the way it is. The creation of Israeli’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion’s contemporary image garnished a tremendous response from Shimoni’s peers and professors. He began to create other political figures, Theodore Herzl and Golda Meir, in similar fashion. The portraits began going viral in Israel. Shimoni realized that this was going to be his final project and the beginning of HIPSTORY. 

The exhibition, funded in part by Jewish Community Foundation and the Annual Campaign of Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties will be on display at the Milton & Betty Katz JCC’s Staller Gallery, 501 N Jerome Ave., Margate, beginning March 21 and lasting through the Spring.  All prints are available for purchase.  Proceeds will benefit the Milton & Betty Katz JCC.  For more information, contact Josh Cutler at 609-822-1167 ext. 138 or jcutler@jccatlantic.org.