Visit Jewish Spain

Join us live from Spain for a virtual guided tour of Barcelona, Mallorca and Girona with Victor Sorenssen, Director of the AEPJ, Marc Francesch Cultural Manager at Mozaika, Dani Rotstien, CEO and Founder of Jewish Majorca and Eva McGowan, Teacher and Co-founder of Toldot Barcelona. Transport from the comfort of your home to the shore of the Mediterranean to learn about the fascinating history of three Spanish cities and engage with local Jewish heritage experts in this three part zoom program. Enjoy time after the tour for questions and conversation with guides.

Jewish Barcelona
Thursday, January 21 • 1:00 pm

Discover the story of Jews in Barcelona through the most important chapters from the IX century to today. Walk through the streets of Barcelona with two heritage experts and members of Jewish cultural platform, Mozaika, in an engaging 40 minute video with a live Q and A, showing us the secrets of this history and the city’s Jewish community in the present day and applying a critical eye to the narratives that have been built around it.

Price $20

Mallorca – Discover the Hidden Jewish History of Majorca Island
Thursday, January 28 • 1:00 pm

The Spanish Island of Majorca is known for its beach resorts, limestone mountains, and being home to tennis celebrity, Rafa Nadal. But Majorca holds a secret, never discussed in most travel guides. During the Inquisition, the Crypto-Jews or Chuetas publicly professed Catholicism while privately adhering to Judaism. Still, hundreds of Jews were murdered and only 15 families survived. Join guide, Dani Rotstein on a special virtual tour of Majorca’s history and its lessons for all Jews today.

Price $20

Girona Unraveling the Girona’s Jewish quarter: 40 minute tour with Q and A
Thursday, February 4 • 1:00 pm

Located on the ancient Roman Via Augusta, an important crossroad from north to south, this small Catalan city hosts a surprising and incredible Jewish history. Famed as having one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe, Girona was an important rabbinical center, an important center of Kabbalah, birthplace of famous Rabbi Nahmanides, reaching cultural grandeur in the 13th and 14th centuries. Today, Girona is a centre/leader of research and investigation into the story of the Catalan Jews.  Join Marc and Eva in this online walking tour through the stunning streets of Girona as they deconstruct ideas of cohabitation, coexistence, convenience and what daily life looked for the Jewish community of the Middle Ages.

Price $20

For more information contact Josh Cutler, Program Director by calling 609-822-1167 or email