Art exhibit of paintings, collages and prints by artist Jim Modiano

June 26, 2014 – July 17, 2014 all-day

Art exhibit of paintings, collages and prints by artist Jim Modiano will be on display at the Katz JCC from June 26 to July 17

Modiano’s art has an immediate appeal that is rarely found in abstract art.


Often, art that is not representational needs to be explained to be appreciated. While Modiano’s art has the formal qualities that will satisfy the connoisseur, the essential joy of his expression can be appreciated by everyone.

Modiano’s celebration of life through art is informed by a serious understanding of life itself – he is a trained biologist with a PhD in plant biology. He applies his sense of dynamic growth to the canvas with vigor and lyricism, reflecting the energies and patterns that characterize nature. With their sophisticated color palettes and layered compositions, his artworks seem to move through time and space.


“Ecology teaches us that the biosphere is a vast web of interrelationships functioning across many scales and levels of organization. In nature we observe a self-ordering process wherein individuals, be them cells, organisms or populations, develop complex networks of relationships. What is intriguing and of profound significance is that nature’s networks form solely on the basis of the individuals’ propensity to interact. They are self-organizing,” Modiano said.

In Modiano’s art there is an expression of teeming life, organized along the principle that each life form influences the next. Understood in these terms, his work is more than appealing, it is a reflection of being alive.

Modiano grew up in Margate and graduated from Atlantic City High School. He currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The exhibition includes 28 works from various phases of his career.
The exhibition and artist reception are free and open to the public.
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