Adult & Senior Programs


You get the best of both worlds at the Katz JCC! An intergenerational “community” environment that also offers programming  for all stages of adult life.  Imagine improving your health, expanding your mind, making new friends and keeping abreast of new trends all under one roof. Planning a well balanced lifestyle is easy!  We do all the work.

Here’s just a few programs we are currently offering:

Dinner & Movie
Mahjong Brunch
Mahjong Classes for Beginners
Brunch & Learn
Computer Classes
Ventnor Cultural Arts Center
AARP: Driver Safety Classes
JCC & American Red Cross Blood Drive
Falafel & Film


Monday, March 16 –
Thursday, March 19
Early Bird Tickets – $4 M / $6 NM
Tickets At the Door – $6 M / $8 NM
Sign up for all four dates and save!
Only $12 M / $20 NM before March 10

In March, the Katz JCC will highlight Jewish cinema from around the world. Programs will begin at 10:30 AM and will include a light bagel brunch, coffee and two new documentaries shown on the J’s big screen.


VIETNAM: Gut Shabbas Vietnam – 52 minutes
A young Israeli couple who are emissaries of the Chabad Movement are sent to Vietnam – on a one-way ticket – to encourage and create a Jewish community in this Communist  country.

EITHIOPIA: The Name My Mother Gave Me – 60 minutes
Ethiopian Jews from Israel journey to Ethiopia for the first time since their youth. On their journey they discover the universality of their experiences and their shared commitment to their home in Israel.


MEXICO: Days of Youth – 57 minutes
A film that sheds light upon the HaShomer Ha’Tsair movement and unveils a little known chapter in the history of Mexican Judaism and its role in the creation of the State of Israel.

IRAN: The Jews of Iran – 52 minutes
A peek at the Jewish community in Tehran today in the shadow of its 3000 year history – and the current challenges under Islamic rule.


GERMANY: Jewish Transit Berlin – 52 minutes
This documentary intends to shed new light on the ‘day after’ and uncovers the postwar fate of the Jews who survived the Holocaust and sought refuge in the Displaced Persons Camps in Berlin.

FRANCE: Jewish Identity in France – 34 minutes
A visit to Paris of today and a look at the Jews who live there among the rising waves of anti-Semitism.


BRAZIL: New Homes – 54 minutes
The fascinating story of Nilopolis, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, where a fertile community was built by Jews from Eastern Europe in the early decades of the 20th Century.

ARGENTINA: Third One on Its Way – 55 minutes
An Argentinian journalist embarks upon a personal crusade. During his travels he seeks to unveil the truth behind the bare facts that obscured the investigation of the bombings of Jewish targets in Argentina during the 1990s.