Staff Directory

Chief Executive Officer

Jack I. Fox, Ext. 114

Chief Operating Officer

Marg Mancuso, Ext. 142

Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Marchiano, Ext. 120

Membership Relations Associate

Chevelle Jefferson, Ext. 119

Associate Membership Director

Kristy Bzdewka, Ext. 136

Atlantic City Marathon
Race Series Director

Genia Chapman-Bittner, Ext. 118

Executive Assistant

Jamie Cohen, Ext. 115

Program Director/Camp Director

Josh Cutler, Ext. 138

Lenny K Swim Academy
Swim Services Director/Head Swim Coach

Alicia Fimple, Ext. 133

Director of Special Events, Fundraising & Marketing

Julie Fink, Ext. 159

Graphic Designer

Tom Henrich, Ext. 158

Assistant Early Childhood Director

Jan Higbee, Ext. 131

Camp & Early Childhood
Administrative Assistant

Alexandra Moreland, Ext. 134

Personal Training and Fitness
Floor Director

Robert Piccinino, Ext. 121

Accounts Payable/Payroll

Andrea Reynolds, Ext. 126

Wellness Coordinator

Bernadette Ritzel Poyas, Ext. 144

Accounts Receivable

Shirley Rosenzweig, Ext. 113

Membership Director

Patti Ruth, Ext. 117

Assistant Early Childhood Director

Gayle Somers, Ext. 130


John J. Voigt, Jr., Ext. 155

Group Exercise Coordinator

Antoinette Wood, Ext. 116